Renewable Energy Systems

Photovoltaic Solar Array &
Battery Storage Systems

Minimize, or eliminate, your home energy costs by going solar. Not only can you put money back in your pocket and adopt clean energy, but the concept of net metering can actually have your electric utility company paying you for the excess energy that your solar system is generating and putting back into the grid. Additionally, adding a battery storage system to your home allows you to reduce the negative impacts of unexpected power loss due to severe storms. The battery backup allows the solar modules to continue working to provide power when there is a utility outage. There are many affordable ways to purchasing a solar system. Be sure to explore all of the incentives available in your state.

brava electric electricians
brava electric electricians

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle adoption in the U.S. has steadily increased in recent years, and charging station technology has improved alongside it. Make it easier for you to adopt a 100% electric vehicle by having us install a highly efficient charging station in your garage or driveway. We can quickly assess the power requirements of the EV charger compared to your home electrical panel's spare capacity.


We'll help you achieve a more passive house - or even a net-zero house - through eliminating outdated technology reliant on fossil fuels, and replacing (electrifying) them with cleaner energy such as solar hot water, electric heat pumps, an induction cooktop, an electric clothes dryer, and more.

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Brava Electric & Telecom, Inc. stands ready to provide the very best clean energy installations in the Greater Boston Area.
brava electric electricians

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